Virabhadrasana III

Where Warrior I and II taught us to embrace our strength and openness, Virabhadrasana III encourages us to do that while also leaping forward into what is to come. This poses challenges our strength, balance, and focus and teaches us so much more as we practice it.

Proper Alignment in Virabhadrasana III:

Stand in Tadasana. Take a deep inhale and jump the feet apart 4 - 4 1/2'.

Come into Virabhadrasana I.

Exhale, bend the trunk forward and rest the chest on the right thigh. Keep your arms straight and palms together. Take two breaths here.

Exhale and lift the back leg from the floor by swinging the body forward slightly and straighten the front foundation leg, making it stiff as a poker. Turn the back leg inward so the toes face the floor.

Hold this pose for 20-30 seconds with deep, even breaths. The entire body should be parallel to the floor and the foundation leg perpendicular to the floor. Imagine that there is someone pulling your arms and your back leg away from one another.

Exhale back to Virabhadrasana I.

Repeat other side.

Modifications for This Pose:

Stand in Tadasana. Inhale and step left leg back behind you. Pivot on the foot so that the toes are tracking inward just a little at about a 45 degree angle.

Bend the right leg toward 90 degrees, making sure the knee does not extend past the toes.

Inhale to find the firm foundation in your front leg.

Exhale and hinge forward at the hips, while lifting the back leg. It doesn't matter how high you lift your back leg. What matters most is that it is straight and the toes are turned down toward your mat.

Hands can be at hips, or extended out in front of you. They can be shoulder-width apart, or with palms touching. Find what works best for you in this moment.

Hold for 20-30 seconds, or as long as you like (plus a second more) and then exhale the back leg to the mat in Virabhadrasana I.


Join me for a sequence to link all of the Warrior poses together.

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