Shop Progress

Hello, dear readers!

Today I come with mostly good news and you’re getting it before social media (and I plan to do it this way from now on). There has been much progress made at the shop! (cue cheers and whistles)

The bathroom and changing room are framed out. The divider wall between the shop and yoga space are framed, all new electric has been installed, and the HVAC has been moved to be above the bathroom, allowing for more floor space. The water heater will also be installed there.

There’s still a LOT to do…

The not-so-good news is the opening day has been backed up. That said, perhaps this isn’t a bad thing. We’ve had a lot of personal issues going on involving my father-in-law, so it may be a blessing that we won’t have to be busting ass in the new shop quite yet.

The shop IS happening, regardless.

In the meantime, I’m establishing wholesale accounts and partnerships with some amazing companies to get fantastic products in the shop for you all. I’m so excited to share all of it once our doors are open! It’s going to be so rad!


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