It’s Okay - Even When It Feels Like A Sh*t Storm

Storms are a natural part of Mother Nature’s cycle. They come through, cause some sort of havoc and dissipate as quickly as they come. Sometimes the havoc isn’t perceptible to humans, but perhaps the storm destroyed a bird’s nest, or flooded an ant colony, drowned a squirrel, or simply caused leaves and seeds to fall from trees.

Storms cause havoc, but they also create a renewed sense of calm. the atmosphere after a storm feels as if a blanket has been laid across the earth. It’s quiet for a brief moment before the birds, perhaps even those who’s nests were destroyed, begin singing, the clouds part, and rays of sunshine create diamond-like sparkles across wet foliage. After a storm, world is at peace again and more beautiful than ever.

When we find ourselves in a storm, it can be difficult to remember that they are temporary & it can be even more difficult to try to seek out the lesson. Each storm, each challenge we face in our daily lives, is an opportunity to learn and grow. As a matter of fact, it is in the struggle - and only in the struggle - that we learn & grow.

If we can keep this focus, there is much hope that we can sleep like Jesus did on the boat when the storm came and His followers were terrified that it might sink and kill then all.

Mark 4: 35-40

Very often, I am more like the disciples than Jesus. I try to figure out what I can do to stop the storm, fix the problem, pray the illness away, or do anything I can to avoid feeling the discomfort the challenge has brought into my life, but it is often futile. It is only when I begin to give thanks and seek the lesson & ask God to let His peace flow through me that I feel less reactive and more receptive.

It’s hard as hell sometimes though and I’m learning that that is okay, too. There are times when I don’t understand why things are happening and I feel anxious and afraid, and these feelings and this attempt to control situations beyond my control often lead to illness, which further exacerbates the situation.

Most often, it is when I loosen my fearful grip and let things flow and hold to faith and trust, that life settles down. It reminds me of a funny video I saw years ago of a child who was in a swimming pool and he screamed and cried, and held so tight to the rope that he didn’t realize he was in shallow water and only needed to stand up.

Today, let us remember to stand up.

To stand firm in our faith. To hold fast to trust in God and what is, so that even when the shit storm hits, we are okay. Let us accept it with grace and a curiosity rather than as an adversary who must immediately be crushed and expelled from our lives. It is through these challenges that we grow in knowledge, wisdom, stamina, and compassion.

Take good care,


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