God Showed Up In A Shopping Cart

I'm a firm believer that if you see a problem, then it's been brought to your attention because you're the one who needs to take action. For example, in my pretty little town, I noticed a lot of trash lying around and we were having our Downtown Spring Open House event and I didn't like the idea of people coming to town and seeing all the trash lying around. I could have complained about it and left it at that, pretending it was someone else's problem, but it obviously wasn't. It was brought to my attention. To me, this is God saying, "Hey girl, do something about this." So, I immediately set a date and time and invited others to join me either in person, or in spirit by cleaning up an area of their choice to help make Cynthiana Shine!

I covered a lot of ground and cleaned up trash from my house and along the major streets in downtown, but as I was coming back up Walnut Street, the lawn-sized bag really began to feel heavy and my legs were a little tired as well from an hour of carrying that weight and lunging and stooping and bending (thank goodness for my yoga practice!), so I thought, "Lord, this bag is really getting heavy." Right then, I looked up and there was a Family Dollar shopping cart right in the middle of the sidewalk. I didn't notice it when I was cleaning up the trash in the parking lots, but there it was, right when I needed it.

God showed up in a shopping cart, right when I needed His help. Maybe no one else showed up to help me (at least not in that area - they could have been cleaning up in other areas), but God definitely did. At first I didn't realize this and I reacted by thinking, "Really? Why would someone leave this here?" Then I heard God say, "Lighten your load." I realized if I did this, I'd be walking down the street pushing a store cart with a trash bag in tow, but I did it anyway. This may not seem like a lot to you, but it was a big Loss of Ego moment for me, because there was a time when I'd have been to embarrassed to do that. I walked in the direction of the store to return the cart, which allowed me to cover even more ground. I couldn't leave the (now full bag) in the cart, so I pushed the cart in at the corral and carried the bag back to a dumpster on Walnut Street.

This is not a post to brag about what I did. It's just some trash. It's nothing. I got some exercise while picking up trash on a beautiful sunny day. That's nothing to brag about and I don't need anyone to give me a gold star. This post is about how God showed up for me. Sure, someone left a cart on the sidewalk, but it was there for me when I needed help.

This morning in the Bible and during a phone call today with my sister-in-law, God seemed to be giving g me the message to put down the load. We're not meant to carry these mental and spiritual loads. We are human, not super-human. When He gives us a task to do, or brings to attention a problem that needs to be solved, He will see us through.

Sometimes that means He leaves a shopping cart on the sidewalk. We just have to be open-hearted enough to see His work in our lives.

Isaiah 41:13 - For I, the Lord your God, will hold your right hand, saying to you, 'Fear not, for I will help you.'

Take care,


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