Garden Musings

Good morning, at least it was morning when I wrote this.

I am out in the garden with our dogs.

The earth is damp with previous rain and a light mist is falling. I inhale the scent of earth - succulent and sweet. Rooting down through my feet, I connect with God & Mother Earth. Firmly rooted to Her and clinging to Him, I become one with Them.

Infinite Spirit, God Soul with an impermanent body & mind.

Nothing whatsoever to fear, except fear itself that, when believed, limits the limitless.

It is nothing, really - only mindless mental chatter.

Remember who you are.

Inhale peace.

Exhale peace to others.

Inhale love.

Exhale love to others.

For me, this is The Way. The way to joy.

The way to success.

Worry not.

Have faith and trust.



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